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Apr 16 • 2 minute read

Which dental prosthetics will look the most natural? If you have permanent teeth missing from your smile, this is likely one of your top concerns. While there are plenty of ways to recreate the appearance of a full and healthy smile, there are specific restorations recommended to provide best aesthetics.

Consider the following ways your teeth replacements can appear as natural as possible:

Choice of Materials

Prosthetics with a metal base are popular and widely used for their durability, but they are not the most natural-looking. A layer of porcelain is added to the metal base to mimic the appearance of dental enamel, but where the two materials meet there is a thin, gray line. As patients age and slight recession of soft tissue occur, this gray portion becomes visible and detracts from your smile.

For the most natural-looking teeth replacements, choose completely tooth-colored and metal-free materials. Options such as full porcelain, e.max®, and zirconia are made to match the same light absorbing and reflecting properties as dental enamel.e.max® and zirconia are strong enough to withstand a heavy bite and the pressure of chewing on back teeth.

Removable vs. Fixed Prosthetics

If you want your restorations to be as close to your own teeth as possible, they should be stable and permanent. Removable prosthetics, such as partials and full dentures, can fill in the gaps caused by tooth loss, but they often leave patients wanting in matters of aesthetics. For fixed prosthetics, patients have two main options: cemented dental bridges and implant-supported restorations.

Traditional dental bridges are cemented in place over healthy teeth surrounding the space in your smile. While this does require the alteration of natural teeth, completely tooth-colored dental bridges are a complement to the rest of your smile and appear life-like. As bridges are cemented in place, patients can expect their teeth replacements to last for many years and provide a stable bite.

The gold standard in aesthetics, however, is dental implants. As implants are anchored in bone, they function like your own teeth. Prosthetics are attached to the implant posts through an abutment and can remain part of your smile for a lifetime. Patients can choose tooth-colored dental crowns as well as white implant abutments, so their restorations are completely seamless.

Ask us about Natural-Looking Teeth Replacements!

For the best in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, the team at Smiles by Design encourages you to call our office and schedule a consultation. We provide an array of metal-free dental treatments in Grand Rapids to seamlessly repair your smile.

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