Three Reasons to Visit an Implant Dentist

As an implant dentist office in Grand Rapids, we replace missing teeth on a daily basis. We do so, with a variety of solutions, including dental bridges and dentures. While these two options have been used for years, and with … Continued

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentistry Office for Dental Implants and Replace Your Loose Dentures

In our Grand Rapids cosmetic dentistry office, we use dental implants as a secure and sturdy way to replace missing teeth. While many of our patients come to us immediately upon losing one or several teeth, others visit our office … Continued

Fighting for Good Oral Health as a Dentist for Kids in Grand Rapids

Every dentist for kids has parents who are extremely concerned about the oral health of their children. It can be difficult to teach a child healthy dental habits, while also learning the many lessons of parenting one mistake at a … Continued

“I Need a Dentist Near Me” to Help With My Dental Anxiety

>"I need a dentist near me to examine my teeth."When you see a dentist near you in Grand Rapids, you are coming in to see a professional who can give you great oral health, help your teeth to be in … Continued

Get Your Smile Makeover Following an Accident

If you need a smile makeover following damages caused by an accident, our Grand Rapids dental office can help. Even if the damage to your teeth is not very noticeable, it can turn into larger health problems in the future. … Continued

We Use Dental Fillings as a Dental Restoration

When you visit our Grand Rapids office for a dental restoration, we may discuss dental fillings. Smiles By Design has several ways to restore damaged teeth, and this is one of them. Our goal is to help you maintain healthy … Continued

How is Oral Appliance Therapy Different From Wearing a CPAP Machine?

Have you considered using oral appliance therapy instead of a CPAP machine? If you have sleep apnea and are currently treating it with a CPAP, we are confident that your energy levels are far better than before you began treatment, … Continued

Flossing Basics You Need to Know From Our Grand Rapids Dentist Office

In our Grand Rapids dentist office, we practice preventative care to help our patients feel their best by having healthy teeth and gums. It is important to take care of one’s mouth with a good oral hygiene routine that involves … Continued

How to Select a Dentist for Your Family: Tips From our Grand Rapids Dental Office

People often ask us how to select a dentist for a family. When an individual is selecting a dentist for his or her family, the individual wants to make the right decisions. This is the person who will be by … Continued

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If you find yourself  asking the question, "Should I have my Wisdom Teeth removed?" Then you need to know that the answer depends on a few key factors. An ongoing debate in the medical community for a long time, keeping … Continued