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Why get Your Teeth Whitened?

Apr 2 • 1 minute read

If your teeth have accumulated stains over the years due to consuming dark liquids like coffee, tea, and soda, using tobacco products you may have considered a whitening treatment. If you have tried over-the-counter methods, chances are the results were disappointing.

Professional teeth whitening is far more effective and can be done in the office or at home by using custom-made trays and professional strength whitening gel provided by a dentist.

While it’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to improving your appearance, it should be noted that a healthy looking smile can boost your self-confidence and help you make a good first impression.

Reasons to get Motivated

While some may be apprehensive to undergo the procedure,  people are typically very happy with the outcome. Many of these patients finally made the decision to improve their smiles when planning for an event of some kind. The most common reasons stated for receiving treatment are listed below.

  • Weddings
  • High School Reunions
  • Important Meetings
  • Photo Session

Often, parents will bring their graduating students to the dentist for a whitening treatment prior to entering the competitive job market.

In-Office or Take Home Trays

If you need results fast, there is nothing better than chairside whitening. For those with a little more time, or who want the convenience of brightening their smile from home, professional take-home trays can usually deliver the same results within a few weeks.

Patients whose dentists offer in-office whitening and take-home trays with a supply of whitening gel for maintenance can achieve an instantly brighter smile with long lasting results.

Shade-Matching Restorations

If you have been told you need a porcelain crown or other restoration, this is the time to consider whitening the rest of your teeth so that you can pick a lighter shade when your dentist does the color matching. Dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and even veneers, cannot be lightened after being placed.

Teeth Whitening in Grand Rapids, MI

If you reside in or near Grand Rapids, Smiles by Design offers quality in-office teeth whitening as well as the take-home method. When receiving our chairside service, Dr. David Boone is happy to provide customized trays for maintaining your new brighter smile.

For more information, call our office today!

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